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Bring Nature Inside Your Urban Dwelling

Hey all you pod dwellers.  Here’s a cool way to bring a garden inside.  Great way to grow succulents in Alaska.  Wonderful for apartments, dorms or any small living area.   Its Urbio. Check out the video:   —Fred Schechtman

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Change the Ambiance of Kids Room with 5 Amazing Kids Beds

Many people find it difficult to bring kids to bed. Almost all children tend to follow the similar pattern of hanging around and staying up with adults especially when it is bedtime. According to a research, the ambience of a … Continue reading

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Interior Designing and the Use of Colors

Color has a major impact on the human state of mind. Remember all the color references you hear all day: “in the pink”, ”enviously green”, “cold blue”, and “red with anger”? The psychology behind colors and the way they affect … Continue reading

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All the Rage: Unconventional Seating

Elementary school libraries are known for their bean bag chairs, acting like an incentive to reading. For various reasons, it seems that the poufs and bean bags we loved as kids aren’t as common in our adult world. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Pay Phones to Librarys

          NYC architect John Locke noticed all the unused phone booths through out the city.  Now that most people use mobile devices for communicating and the current version of the phone booth is of no use to Superman, he … Continue reading

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Buy Mom a Jewelry Armoire for Mother’s Day

What is a jewelry armoire?  Most women can answer this question immediately.  A jewelry armoire is a small piece of furniture designed to hold an entire wardrobe of jewelry with special “places” for rings, bracelets, hanging necklaces, pierced earrings etc. … Continue reading

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Mushrooms as Furniture Packaging

Sam Harrington addressed the American Home Furnishings Alliance’s 2012 Sustainability Summit with an interesting proposal.  What if we used mushrooms instead of plastics like Polystyrene, which are harmful to the environment, to package furniture for shipping?  His company, Ecovative, has developed commercial … Continue reading

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Outstanding Outdoor Furniture – The Right Material to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor furniture is basically designed to decorate sunrooms, yards, porches, patios, decks, and gardens. These ignored outdoor areas can be effectively used by placing some decorative items, plants, and furniture. Depending on your budget, taste and size of the area, … Continue reading

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How to Take Care of Wooden Furniture

If you own modern and classy wooden furniture, it is your responsibility to take care of it. You can maintain the beauty and durability of your wooden furniture with few basic care techniques. The following are some tips for taking … Continue reading

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