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Color Trends for Interior Design

We usually think about the comfort and functionality of a piece of furniture before we buy it.  But what does the color mean?  How do colors play into interior design trends?  We have a few answers about that to help … Continue reading

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The History of Tables: Some Fast Facts

We sort of take for granted the fact that tables have always been around.  But they haven’t!  Someone had to invent them, and this piece of furniture has evolved over time.  The table has been used in Western culture since … Continue reading

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Create Some Hidden Space: Maximize the Storage in your Home

Many of us don’t have the storage space that we wish we did.  We want to be able to clear the clutter in our homes.  Don’t worry—we’re here with some ways to use your home’s hidden storage options.  Would The … Continue reading

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A Furniture Nusiance: Bed Bugs

We’ve been reading about them a lot in the news lately, so we thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of information about the pesky bed bug. They can easily make their way into your … Continue reading

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