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Product Spotlight: 3 Piece Breakfast Set

If we know anything here at The Furniture Domain, we know that a lot of people out there are looking for ways to save space. In fact, we just heard from a customer that’s in the process of moving into … Continue reading

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History of Furniture Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

We know that you’re here to look at and buy NEW furniture. But what about the old stuff? How much do you know about antique furniture? It’s time to test your knowledge here at The Furniture Domain! What would you … Continue reading

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Indoor Furniture Outdoors

The city of Hazleton, PA has the furniture world in a little bit of a tizzy. Last month, City Council voted on a resolution to prohibit people from using indoor furniture on porches and patios. The people behind this resolution … Continue reading

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Fastest Piece of Furniture?

A man in Buckinghamshire, England is thought to have set a world record for the world’s fastest piece of furniture. He drove his dining table down a racetrack at speeds exceeding 113 miles per hour. What made him do it? … Continue reading

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Pop Up Furniture

For the space challenged here is some furniture that will fit in any size abode. Cool idea. Read more at

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A Mattress Topper Will Make Your Dreams Come True!

Okay, we can’t promise that all of your dreams will come true if you get one of our comfy mattress toppers. But we can promise that you’ll get a great night’s sleep! (And if that isn’t really a dream come … Continue reading

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A Unique Use for Tennis Balls

Lacosted commissioned Hugh Hayden to develop displays for the US Open. Read the rest of the story at

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The Most Comfortable Chair in the World

What is 7 feet, eats small children, and is always there when you need it? Answer: the world famous FuF chair. Read the latest customer review below – “This chair is a hit with the entire family. People are actually … Continue reading

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Sealed Kitchen Composter

We all want to be good to the environment, but sometimes it can be a smelly affair. If your into composing your food scraps, you know the odors that can seep out from your kitchen after a few days. Simple … Continue reading

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