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Be Happy At Your Desk

We all have to work. Most of us have an office or desk that we will visit many times throughout the day. It is important to be happy when you are at work so that you can be productive and … Continue reading

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Lighting Is Just As Important As The Furniture

Most people think of lighting as just a function of a room, when in actuality, it can really be so much more. In fact, it’s just as important as the rest of the artwork and furniture in the space. Lighting … Continue reading

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Save the Planet and Redecorate Your Home…At the Same Time!

As the world moves toward a more eco-friendly society, it is important to be “green conscious.” This is easy to do in some aspects of life, such as using a reusable water bottle as opposed to throwing plastic bottles away. … Continue reading

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Give Your Home a Little Extra Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating with those you love. It’s also about giving those who are special to you some extra care and attention. In the case of your house, why should it be left out of the celebration? … Continue reading

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