Contemporary Chairs from Knoll and Magis

Knoll ® Frank Gehry High Sticking Side Chair

Price: 3,254.00
Knoll ®
Frank Gehry High Sticking Side Chair

Knoll ® Frank Gehry Power Play Arm Chair

Price: 8,077.00
Knoll ®
Frank Gehry Power Play Arm Chair

Knoll ® Toledo Chair

Price: 1,204.00
Knoll ®
Toledo Chair

Magis Chair_One Chair with 4 Star Base

Price: 649.00
Chair_One Chair with 4 Star Base

Magis Family_One Side Chair

Price: 679.00
Family_One Side Chair
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The World from the Sneaker’s Point of View

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Bombay Heritage “Luxe” Shag Area Rug

The Bombay Luxe Shag is an assortment of seven colors of thick 100% Micro fiber pile shag rug. The pile colors are unique to any other shag; multiple tones of a color are spun together into a finger like pile. The colors are rich and warm and are all space dyed. The Luxe Shag has the soft silky hand yet is durable does not crush and always bounces back to its original look. All seven colors and all sizes are in stock and ready to ship. Meet Luxe Shag –

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Marvel at a Bathroom of Subtle Mosaic Tiles

While there are times a mosaic floor or wall goes beyond classy and enters the touch gaudy sphere, a normal tile floor is considerably less interesting. To accomplish the style of a mosaic tile done right, we look to a few tile companies – namely Artsaics and Soli – and that know the industry and mosaic tile application best.

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Color Me Brilliantly: The Latest Designs From Yoma Textiles

The company that goes by Yoma Fabrics has recently released four new patterns into their collection that adds what they refer to as “sumptuous texture with a distinctive color palette”. Indeed, the texture and coloring are apparent – standing out as true testaments to the design world that far surpasses today’s norm through a glossy sheen, 3D striping, a manipulated tweed, and even a highly decorative, formal design.

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Enjoy Season-Friendly Living – Change Your Décor to Bring the Season Indoors


It is indeed fun to feel the seasonal environment indoors by making appropriate changes accordingly. You may enjoy inviting an airy, cool look in summers, while in winter it is fun to feel warm and cozy with warm and soft colors, and fluffy fabrics. The following are some effective and simple ideas that will help you transform the look of your home according to the seasons.


Here’s how:

  • What if your furniture feels cold too and you cover it up with fluffy fabrics and slipcovers for snuggling in winter? It is always fun to collect some soft and fluffy fabrics to cover your furniture just like you buy winter clothing for yourself. This not only adds a warm feel to your interior décor but also lets you change the look and feel of your room when you use different prints, colors and types of fabric.
  • It is spring and it is time to remove the down-filled toasty duvet from your bedroom and substitute it with a thin cotton blanket or a light cotton bedcover.
  • For summer and spring, prepare a different floral arrangement from that of holiday colors and pine, to colorful and brighter colors. Keep away pottery or dark brass containers and replace them with crystal-clear glass vases.
  • When the warmer weather reaches around the corner, change the decorative pillows and bed with dark patterns into floral and fresh plaids or prints. You can either get a new set suitable for warmer weather or can just get some nice warm-weather decorative covers for your pillows and bed.
  • You can even change the crockery at display as soon as the weather changes. Many people display their antique crockery and other collectibles in large glass racks. These decorative pieces can make a huge difference to how your home looks in a particular weather. For winters, remove the classic designs of collectibles inside and bring out the colorful and vibrant collection for display.
  • Changing draperies can also make a huge difference to how your house appears in a particular season. Make sure your draperies are made so that you can adjust them according to the weather and easily turn them from neutral to lively as the season changes.
  • Do not ignore your coffee table. Let your table convey the season your house is following. Place some nice flower books or garden magazines in summer and spring. This simple addition will bring in the outside color to your interior space.

Additional tips:

These additional tips will give you further help to get you started:

  • Keep summer and spring accessories and colors light, both in color and feel.
  • Make the most of the opportunity of changing your décor according to seasons and use all the long-lost collectibles and pieces to make them the center-of-attention of your living space for a while.
  • Do not strictly follow the season when it comes to your home décor. It needs frequent change, so just focus on the calendar. Even if there is snow on the ground but the calendar shows its spring – do not hesitate to bring out your spring stuff; however, you may still need to keep the blankets out.
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Legos Redux – Object D’Art

While we are on the subject of Legos, here is, what one art critic calls “an orgy of legos.”  Also known as a house made with this classic plastic building block.

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Bridge Made Out of Legos?



Not really but this bridge did received a fun paint job.   See more at Megx.

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Chic Lounge Chairs of an Iconic Nature

A room can find its guiding decorative light through a statue carved by hand, a rug that screams for attention, or a piece of iconic furniture. In the case of the latter, there are several chair designs that pay tribute to a master who created it during the mid-century modernism era that have recently found their way back into our 21st century market.

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Missing Furniture at the End of Your Bed? Find the Right Addition

Many people are fortunate enough to have a bedroom that is big enough to hold an additional piece of furniture at their bed’s end. However, these people are usually confused about the right furniture to be placed in that empty space.

Whether you are hunting for function or beauty, there are many types of furniture that you can add to this space. The following is the list of some useful pieces of furniture that you can consider. Your decision will however depend on your budget and the amount of space available at the end of your bed.

TV Cabinet

Now this is a luxury and therefore, you must dig deep into your bank account to get this one. However, this is becoming a must-have furniture for a bedroom. It is basically a cabinet with a TV which moves with a remote control. At day time, you can enjoy a bench or cabinet, while at night you can enjoy a flat screen (eye-level) TV.

A Storage Bench

If additional storage space is what you are looking for, then a storage bench is your solution. You can either choose an upholstered bench or a wooden one. This piece of furniture provides the ideal place to put extra linens, pillows and bedding when they are not in use. Moreover, the additional drawers can be used to put socks and shoes, while the storage bench can work as a handy place to keep your bedspread. Last but not the least, as the name suggests, it is a bench and can be used for sitting as well.


A compact loveseat can be a great addition to the end of a king or queen size bed. This will however be more suitable in very large bedrooms with ample of empty space. You can decorate this additional furniture with decorative pillows or a blanket. You can even add a floor lamp by its side.

Writing Desk

You can get a small writing desk to place at the end of your bed. This is a very useful piece of furniture that you can enjoy especially during the day. Study, write a letter, and use your laptop to read a mail, or make your shopping list; you can do anything you want on the writing desk in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Wicker Seat

An unusual piece of furniture can also be used to fill this empty space. A wicker seat can be a great addition, especially if there is other furniture or decoration made of this material. This is a comfortable seating arrangement that you can place at the end of your bed to sit and chat with friends or watch TV. Add floral cushions or plaid to coordinate the wicker seat with the rest of the décor.


This is a very simple but useful solution for the empty space in your bedroom. If not more, then simply add a pair of side chairs or upholstered armchairs at the end of your bed. With a floor lamp and ottoman, you can enjoy a comfortable, private reading time.

So, look up your budget and available space again, and decide on the best furniture to fill the space in your bedroom.

—Alex Moore

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